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״People at ROX take they're work seriously!״


Capture memories in day or night with exceptional low-light picture quality

Drill down

Lightweight and compact, the Mini can go anywhere with you

Instant Graphs

Instantly print your pictures, they will develop in less than two minutes!


The Mini doesn’t fear the weather, capturing your best moments even in wind and rain

Data-driven dashboards.

See all your real-time data and KPI’s at one glance with our comprehensive dashboards, so you can instantly know when and where your business requires attention.

Interactive reports

Cross-filter, drill down and drill through from graphs and charts into detailed information with our multi-dimensional reports, so you can see and analyze your data from different viewpoints.

360-Degree views of business

Create personalized dashboards and access key information across your mobile devices or any web browser to monitor the performance of your organization at any time.

An image of multiple graphs including bar charts, column charts and donut charts

Simple yet powerful

We start with the end in mind and ensure all reports answer specific business questions that empower your organization to make smart decisions based on actionable insights.

Any data. Any way. Anywhere.

Instantly print 62X48mm full color, high quality pictures

Lightweight and compact, take the mini anywhere

Durable and ready to capture amazing nature sights

Floating logo's of SAP, Microsoft, Quickbooks and SQL

Selfie mode for you and all of your friends

Powerful flash capable of capturing the scene at night

Compatible with AA batteries available widely

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Our Clients' Success Is Our Success


“I wish I bought more image packs!”


“I love this little thing!”


“The print quality is amazing!”

We don't bite.


For every process, in every department

Become a data-driven organisation. 

ROX Analytics draws raw data directly from your existing data sources, accounting or ERP systems and transforms it into rich interactive visualizations that tell a compelling data story, no matter where or how your data is stored.

ready to elevate your business?

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ROX Analytics delivers business intelligence and data analytics solutions,
enabling you to visually explore and analyze all your data.